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Windows Intune

Take your client devices and put them in the cloud!

Ferranti Computer Systems has years of experience working with the management solutions offered by Microsoft. The new cloud solutions of today reach out new opportunities that allow us to help our customers better manage their IT infrastructure.

One of these solutions is Windows Intune offering both Ferranti Computer Systems and its customers better management and security of their client devices, all in the cloud.

What is Windows Intune?

Windows Intune is an integrated, cloud-based client management & security solution that provides tools, reports, and upgrade licenses to the latest version of Windows. Windows Intune helps keep your PCs up-to-date and secure.

Windows Intune allows you to perform security and management tasks remotely from a web-based console. The Windows Intune administration console and Windows Intune account portal improve your management experience and provide you with user-centric management capabilities, so that you can manage users as well as devices. From the account portal, you can perform tasks such as manually adding user accounts and security groups, setting up and managing service settings, checking service status, and accessing Online Help. You can also access the Windows Intune administrator console and the Windows Intune company portal. The workspaces in the Windows Intune administrator console help you manage and secure your client groups. Tthe Windows Intune company portal provides your users with self-service capabilities. As a result, they can install available applications on their computers and mobile devices as needed, and they can perform other common tasks without needing to call the IT help desk.

How can Ferranti Computer Systems assist you? 

Ferranti Computer Systems uses all the advantages of Windows Intune to help you manage and secure your client devices. We offer an extended pool of consultants able to assist you with the implementation of Windows Intune.

Not only can you utilize the variety of features presented by Windows Intune, you can also ask Ferranti to manage your client devices with Windows Intune. This way you will be assured that the client devices are up to date and secure, managed in an optimal way and without you lifting a finger. 

The Microsoft Windows Intune Solution will enable us to review your update status, endpoint protection status, agent health, policy, software and alerts according to type or security level. 

To get started with a free 30-day trial of the Windows Intune cloud service, contact us.