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Real-Time Monitoring & Control

A Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a control system that focuses on the supervisory level of many operational systems. As such, it is a critical element that is used to manage, in real-time, mission critical business process applications on and interfaces in general via PLC’s, RTU’s or other hardware modules with the field devices of these business processes.

Mission-critical industries such as power, oil & gas, water and transportation have many challenges in today’s environment. Ensuring the physical safety and security of their infrastructure and its users has increased the need for more effective monitoring and control. In addition to security challenges, deregulation of many traditional utilities has resulted in a competitive imperative to better understand and control use of resources such as energy. Whether your industry is power, water or transportation, deregulation has meant maximizing operational efficiency and improving service responsiveness.


Ferranti Computer Systems provides mission critical SCADA systems based on Industrial Defenders RTAP (Real-time Application Platform). RTAP is a powerful, extensible, and secure SCADA engine targeted at applications in the Utilities, Energy, Oil&Gas and Transportation industries. RTAP is a cross-platform application that runs on flavors of Unix, Linux and Windows2003 operating systems. HMI are supported Windows XP, X-terminals and web browsers.

Choosing for Ferranti Computer Systems and RTAP of Industrial Defender, offers you a winning combination. From one side you choose for flexible and extensible SCADA systems which includes many features, especially suited to mid to large SCADA systems, which minimize the effort required to configure a system, and reduce total cost of ownership. From the other side you choose for one of the leading integrators in implementing SCADA systems across almost every industry, allowing you to have access to a large range of experiences needed to implement such a mission critical system.

Also visit Industrial Defender's RTAP SCADA website.