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Private Cloud

Ferranti’s Private Cloud is a robust, flexible and secure environment that includes

  • fully monitored environment
  • automated patching and updates
  • automated backup and recovery
  • heterogenous virtualisation management
  • self service portal
  • quick provisioning

Ferranti also provides Managed Services to operate and maintain your Private Cloud / dynamic datacenter environment.

Core Features

Robust Architecture

Ferranti Computer Systems builds robust and scalable private clouds based on Microsoft best practice to provide you with the best private cloud experience available.

Automation and Orchestration

Reduce your support time and cost by automating tasks and providing end-to-end service management. Your applications drive the resources such as virtual machines, storage, and memory, not the other way around.

Heterogeneous Support

Ferranti Computer Systems uses the strength of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager to provide management and automation for not only Hyper-V but also VMWare ESX and Citrix XENServer hypervisors.

Quick Provisioning

By using the best-of-breed technologies available Ferranti Computer Systems can speed up provisioning of new servers from days or weeks, to minutes. Deploy a single server, or a multi-tiered architecture quickly, easily and on-demand.

Automated Backup

Ferranti Computer Systems ensures your business critical information is stored safely and securely so that it can be easily restored as required.



Lower TCO

Ferranti Computer Systems Private Cloud allows easy automation of provisiong, monitoring and patching to reduce support costs. If you choose to use Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualisation you will also save significantly on licensing costs.


By pooling resources your IT services can rapidly adjust to business needs and keep pace with changing requirements.

Choice of Hypervisors

Whether you choose to use Hyper-V, ESX, XENServer, or a combination of all three, Ferranti Computer Systems can provide a robust and flexible private cloud solution for your business. Use what is best for your applications, not just what the individual vendors tell you.

Expert Management

Allow Ferranti Computer Systems to operate your Private Cloud as a Managed Service and reduce your TCO further. Our highly skilled staff will keep the environment running at peak efficiency and allow you to concentrate on your core business