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Optimized Workplace

Buying client devices for your company is easy, but making sure you have the right licenses, security software and policies is something very different. Add that to the ever changing market and the need to be flexible and you have a lot to manage.

What would make your life easier? An Optimized Workplace!

Nowadays IT managers must provide a client device that is secure, manageable and with the correct licenses to their end-users. This process takes time, time that can be used for core business applications and infrastructure.

Ferranti Computer Systems provides the Optimized Workplace solution that covers all the issues mentioned.

The concept: Optimized Workplace

Ferranti's offering for the Optimized Workplace consists of an integrated, flexible and cost transparent workplace and communication solution that increases productivity at a fixed price.

You choose the type of hardware you prefer, which of course needs an OS. With Microsoft Windows Intune, Ferranti Computer Systems can offer the chosen hardware with OS, manageable in the cloud.

Regarding support there are different options. You can have support fully covered by Ferranti. Or you could take care of the first line support yourself and let Ferranti assist you for the second and third line support. With Microsoft Windows Intune for online system management and security you will have a good overview of your devices and licenses, and all secure.

The next step are the productivity and collaboration tools your company needs. Ferranti Computer Systems assists you in choosing the right plans for the right type of end-users, giving you the freedom to determine which end-users need which productivity tool. Microsoft Office 365 is the right choice for the productivity and collaboration services in the cloud, offering you a variety of possibilities for each type of end-user.

The Optimized Workplace solution eliminates the traditional system of expensive licenses and additional high implementation costs. For both Windows Intune and Office 365 licenses you pay a fixed monthly fee.

Apart from ensuring the correct installation, Ferranti Computer Systems can also take care of the complete management of your client devices, also at a fixed monthly fee.