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Mobility Solutions

Consolidation, cost reduction, environment, customer satisfaction: these are just a few of the challenges that the public transport business is facing today as profits decline and public transport users demand increased value for their money. In a privatised and deregulated world, transport businesses require solutions that increase standardisation, interoperability and competitiveness. Tailor-made information technology systems encourage this competition and turn customer needs into corporate success.

Ferranti Computer Systems draws on a wide range of experience in all aspects of public transport automation, providing leading enterprises and governments with advanced control and information technology solutions with a high degree of availability and safety. Ferranti's vast experience in this market, along with the latest developments in the fields of information technology, communications and displays, has resulted in a number of exceptional integrated solutions that tackle the unique challenges and complexities in public transport, railways, traffic management, public safety, airports and public facilities.


Attracting new customers or increasing the comfort for the existing ones can be done by implementing a Dynamic Passenger Information systems (DRIS). A DRIS brings you the exact time of the next bus a tram passage on the stop location. Today however we are going a step further. Ferranti has not only the standard solution for a Dynamic Passenger Information systems but also offers the possibility to provide this dynamic information over other communication channels. This allows travelers to receive the information via SMS or over the internet on a PDA.