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Consultancy and Expertise

Plan - Deliver  - Operate

The last years a lot off buzzwords appeared about managing/running IT.  Just a few are business/IT alignment, program management, IT governance, outsourcing … Running IT as a business is a slogan that  appeared in 2004 and had a substantial influence on the mindsets of managers.

Ferranti identifies itself in this slogan because our core business is providing IT as a Service. Making use of Porters’ Value Chain Ferranti Computer Systems defined the core processes to deliver a high quality service to our customers. This approach promotes a Customer Oriented management philosophy which can be consistently found in our portfolio of services we deliver.

Within Plan we deliver our customers with the following range of services:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Optimization Services
  • ICT Strategy
  • Technology Advisory

Deliver: Ferranti Computer Systems is an experienced System Integrator capable of delivering:

  • Project Implementation
  • Project Management


Operate: Once a project is delivered, it is still necessary to be supported and operated. Ferranti Computer Systems has developed the ITMO service which is capable of providing following services:

  • ITMO On-site Support
  • ITMO Management Online
  • ITMO Expert Support
  • ITMO Manage